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about Kristoffer

Kristoffer is a highly skilled professional drum kit player and percussionist with a proven track record of excellence, passionate about teaching, and currently developing a step by step drum kit syllabus based around the technical and musical content contained within the Trinity Guildhall drum kit exams. He studied at the Leeds College of Music, and has played in over 15 countries around the world, and tutored in both private and public sectors, from ages 8 to 18, focusing on the personal needs of each student.

Notable performances include: 

  • Resident Drummer in the Ballroom of Cunard Ocean Liner Queen Mary 2, 2017-2018
  • Recordings with Eyes Shut Tight, The Threads Orchestra, The Foot:Clan, Tommy Evans Orchestra (Winner of BASCA Jazz Composers award 2011, album released Jellymould label, 2012), James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (Winner of BASCA Jazz Composers award and Jazz Yorkshire Best Big Band 2010)
  • Finalist in European Jazz Contest, Rome 2011 (with Eyes Shut Tight)
  • Live Radio Broadcast on BBC 6 Music 2011(Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show) and Radio 3 In Tune 2013. Recorded broadcasts on Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, and Jazz FM
  • Principal timpanist, Hull Philharmonic Feb 2006 - May 2009. Performances include ʻThe Rite of Springʼ, Beethovenʼs 9th Symphony, Benjamin Brittenʼs Four Sea Interludes.
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Why Kristoffer?


Varied Teacher

Kristoffer has taught many different people, from child and adult beginners, to University masters degree students - and everyone in between. He has taught privately in peopleʼs homes, in state schools and private schools, and, for ten years, at the University of Hull. This has given him great understanding and insight into the needs of different students.

Tailor made material

Kristoffer has developed a graded drum kit method, which is his primary resource. It takes the mystery out of drumming by showing the student the skills they need to know, and how to apply them. Students come up with their own music from the start, which prepares them for a life of playing the music they love, whilst also giving them the reading skills to navigate any situation which requires music to be read. The whole course breaks down all of the challenges contained within the Trinity Guildhall graded drum examinations, so when you study with Kristoffer, you know you are getting information which is internationally recognised, and you can easily chart your progress.


Experienced in Real World Performance

As a performer, Kristoffer has played many varied roles, all of which have given him a great knowledge of drums and percussion. He has played internationally touring theatre shows on both drum kit and percussion, original music playing Jazz, Pop, Funk, Afrobeat, and has played many classical concerts. So every style; from completely improvised to completely notated music. This means that he understands the role of a drummer or percussionist in any band or orchestra, and can pass that real world understanding to his students.

Personalised lesson plans

Each student is different, and wants to learn for different reasons - and this is all taken into account when planning a studentʼs lessons. Kristoffer shows the student the skills they need to know, but lets them use those skills to explore music the way they want to play.  Part of the experience of learning with Kristoffer is taking a song which the student knows, then breaking it down to see exactly what the drummer is doing during that song, and why.


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You'll receive 30 minutes of dedicated one on one tutoring in the comfort of your own home.


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60 minutes of curated tutoring from a teacher who will personalise every lesson to your strengths and weaknesses.




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